CPU & GPU- A Closer Look

cpu-12One obvious fact these days is that gaming is no longer just for children. Mature individuals are also having a blast with online games. With the advancement of technology, it became easy for everyone to be entertained without the need to leave home. Either you use your computer or your mobile device or other types of gadgets and you are up to battle with the rest of your playmates all over the world. Using a computer in gaming is a lot exciting though because you have the ability to see everything on the screen in much bigger view compared to that of a phone or even a tablet.


Apart from the huge monitor that you need to see the games clearly, you need to consider a faster central processing unit for fast gaming. You cannot afford to loose a game because your game is very slow. Lucky for gamers these days, computer manufacturers started to create a multi-core CPU enabling them to process not just one task at a time. This allows computers to multitask without lagging and causing down time. So, when buying a computer, ask about the CPU. Also, you need to check on the graphics. Most games these days are in 3D thus having a powerful and fast graphic processing unit (GPU) to accelerate the scenes shown on the screen.

6600GT_GPUIf you already have a computer and just recently got addicted to gaming, you can choose to find a manufacturer that produces high quality GPU as this can be integrated on your computer’s motherboard.┬áRemember, you also need to have a great monitor. Preferably a nice frameless monitor would go perfectly with you setup. Your gaming wouldn’t be that exciting without good sound quality therefore adding a sound card will be a good idea. Even if you have limited knowledge regarding computers, approaching a reliable store clerk will allow you to find the hardware you need to add to your




A Note on CPU

3d illustration of cpu chip over white background

It is almost impossible to cope up with the new specifications. Based on your needs, find that brand that can provide the capability you can benefit from. Ne area you should be very cautious is the price, you should have an idea on the price range of the unit you intend types of technology introduced to the public. One day, you are holding the newest released type then the next, a new upgraded version is available. This will always happen as people will continue to create new and more advanced tools, just like computers.

Frontec-Zuhi-Jil-4120a-Cpu-SDL336517549-1-fc621We use to just have bulky CRT monitors and slow CPU’s but nowadays, we have touchscreen monitors, laptops, netbooks and tablets as well. If you are in search of a computer, before making any purchase, think of exactly what you are going to use it for. Each one has its own specifications ad your choice should be based on what it has. Are you someone who does gaming more? Or are you leaning more on video and editing? Before you make a purchase, whether to an online merchant or at a physical store, you should have your decision with you. What may change your mind should only be minor things like the shape and color. Some have the idea that buying the parts individually can be cheaper.

processor_module-SGI--034-0888-004--(NEC--D30700RS-200--CPU)-frontIf you are familiar with how they are put together or someone can help you with that, it can be a good idea. However, if you are not equipped to handle this, you may end up spending more because you not buying the right parts. There are so many things to consider such as the CPU, the RAM, the hard disk, software installed and a lot more. You also need to consider the price as this can affect your choice as well. A spur of the moment decision is not a good one when it comes to buying a computer. You have to know what you need to see on that unit you choose to bring home with you before you give your money to them.